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1. When somebody tries to jailbreak their iPhone, but ends up bricking it.

2. An application that fails to successfully jailbreak an iPhone.
1. Damn it, I just failbroke my iPhone!

2. Greenpois0n is a failbreak app.
by iban3zba55 January 28, 2010
A jailbreak that can't run tweaks.
Did chpwn release his jailbreak?

Nah bro, it's a failbreak
by kirb January 06, 2013
Trying to jailbreak an iPod/iPhone but ending up having to restore your device after failing at the jailbreak.
John: Hey Jane didn't you jailbreak your iPod to get free apps?

Jane: Nah, I screwed that up and ended up failbreaking it.
by TheBadAppleseed February 07, 2011