F.A.I.L or FAIL!


When your internet keeps going off when you're talking to someone.

When your internet is back on,
before they ask why you went offline
just say FAIL
*bob goes offline*
*bob signs in again*
Tom: Hey, where did you go?
Tom: oh, i hate when that happens ....
Bob: Yeahh
by cafekko389 June 12, 2010
someone who does insanely stupid thing very often.
she failed when she put 2 cds into her computer at once
by mr.incognito_coolbeans June 03, 2010
The act of being Slev Nard also known as Joe Bonardi or Fail Nard. Your sister is typically found on the ceiling and you often take shots of Captain Morgan that have been spiked with Viagra.
"Wow Slev Nard stop being such a fail and get your sister off of my ceiling"
by Pedigree Master September 26, 2011
a word used to say that someone has screwed up at something they were trying to accomplish. like if someone trys to do a trick shot in pole but misses the pocket and hits the cue ball off the table. they have failed, but should not be used in situations where someones well-being or feelings are put on the line. also should NOT be used as a come back unless the person insulting you did NOT use a good insult in the first place. like "YOU"RE A....a....a.....YOU"RE AN ASSHOLE" you just say "And you're a failure....at life." then turn and walk away. in no way should the word fail be your best or favorite word to use in any situation.
1.a person trys to be funny by calling you a name and no one laughs. you:"And you sir, just failed like a captain."

2 this is what not to do. a person crashes on their bike. you:"FAIL!!" that is a no no.

3.someone swings a bat and the bat goes flying. you:"well...that was an awesome fail."
by The I Man1111 February 20, 2010
used as another word for 'suck', such as an unfortunate event happening to a person. it is a cruel and funny way to emphasize the pain of the person "failing"
person no#1: u heard about the guy that locked himself in his room and played WoW for 72 hours and died?

person # 2: fail
by llololololo January 04, 2009
The time that you did something stupid and somebody next to you usually says "FAIL" Sometimes a fail is to great that it is considered a win.
*homework flies away*

"Dude..that's a fail!"
by girlgal May 21, 2010
The "not" of the 2000s. Something that is okay to say this year but if you say it next year will just get you looked at weird, like if you wear to go out in public with a fanny pack or wearing overalls with only one strap buckled. Used to disapprove of anything and everything. Only momentarily, of course. Often piggybacked with "fail" as "epic fail". Another reason for other socities to despise the ineptitude of the human beings within ours.
(Somebody does something moron in a Children of Bodom shirt doesn't approve of) "FAIL!"
by BDITM May 22, 2009
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