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When one, of asian decent, goes against a single of multiple sterotype. Being a 'Fail Asian' can result in:
a) Getting below a 95% in any class
b) Not playing the violin, piano, flute
c) Eating food not of asian decent (chicken nuggets)
d) Failing at videogames at their first go
e) Not possessing the ability to use chopsticks

Asian 1: Wow look at Tommy eating those chicken nuggets!
Asian 2: Too make it worse, he not even using chopsticks!

Both: Fail Asian!
by SpellandGrammarChecker December 26, 2008
Any Asian who doesn't get straight A's, study 24/7, or fulfill their parent's expectations of Ivy League success.
White Person: Hey help me on my history essay ya?

Asian Person: Not doing it. Gonna mindlessly strum on my guitar and watch Jersey Shore. I'm a failasian.
by Watersheep94 November 30, 2010
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