NOT meant to be offensive
It is supposed to be used in place of Faggot in a NON offensive form!

Does NOT translate into Faggot, word is supposed to be used as a joke, NOT offensively! It is in NO way connected to homosexuals, nor a bundle of sticks.

Tyler the Creator uses the word Faggot a lot, onision (A popular YouTuber) did a video on Tyler and showed some of Tyler's tweets.
Most of them had the word Faggot in them so onision started saying Fagoot instead of Faggot to NOT be offensive.
Guy 1: Tyler the Creator uses the word Faggot a lot!
Guy 2: Yeah it's why I use the word Fagoot instead.

Guy 1: Fagoot, wtf is that?
Guy 2: It's like Faggot except it sounds funnier and isn't offensive to homosexuals!
by siaka June 07, 2015
Derogatory term for a Goofy Homosexual Faggot. Generally describing a Flamer.
Check out that Fagoot in the Magenta skinny jeans and deep v-neck!
by DIGGLER August 12, 2016
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