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A faggotblade is someone of the utmost faggoty nature. It is advised that you say it in a gremlin voice to add to the atmosphere so it sounds like "fagget bled"

Faggotblade can be used as a compliment like "aw, love her. She's such a faggotblade haha"
But can be used as an insult to those you dislike/hate. The term originated from "gayblade" but turned into "faggotblade" because it sounds better.

If continuously repeated around people, they will catch on. There is already hundreds of people saying this term because they're awesome faggotblades.
"God, look at her, she's such a faggotblade"

"Can't stand that faggotblade"

"She is deffo an ultra faggotblade"

"Omg, I hate you, you're such a faggotblade"
by Faggotbladex2 July 19, 2013
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