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The language, science, and math, and history of faggotry.

The mechanics of queerness encompassed.

1. This bitch sucked so bad I couldn't understand how until I found she achieved a Ph.D. in faggatronics.

2. Certain stereotypical voice/behavior inflections that are typically more difficult to detect in London and in those possessing strong powers of faggatronics.
Someone who is not homosexual, but is behaving in a manner which would lead one to believe that they're a robot fag.
Stop being such a faggatronic!
by heatmagruff May 09, 2010
Something which, at its essence, exhibits faggotry or fagonics. Pertaining to or containing the characteristics of a fag
Damn birds, this is the seventh time they pooped on my ear, this morning. Can my day get any more faggatronic?
by Kakisho January 13, 2012