Faggas, the descriptive term describing homosexuals who like to say the word "Wagga"
Person 1: Wagga!

Person 2: WAGGA!!!

Person 3: Wow... Faggas...
by iExplode March 05, 2009
Top Definition
A casual way to refer to one's gay friends. Only exceptable if you yourself happen to be gay. The homosexual equivilant of nigga.
Homosexual Person 1: Well, I have a date with this really hot girl later, so I'd better buy some more condoms.

Homosexual Person 2: Fagga,please.
by Ktee May 07, 2005
something white people say instead of nigga/slang for faggot
johnny: im up in my club with my fagga james

james: nigga
by fagga May 15, 2015

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