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A robot with gay charateristics or a human with gay robotic features.
"Stop acting like such a Fagatron!"
by blackakkord August 17, 2009
A faggish loser whom no one wishes to talk to or hang out with. A fagatron usually wears heinous clothing and watches Gilmore Girls. One can be seen roller blading and chatting with strangers in his mock "Bat Cave."
Ronaldoe: Did you check those glasses Doris was sporting in bio?
Chazz: Bro, I try not to, she is such a fagatron.
by Ambassador-C May 20, 2008
A pussy who thinks they're good at football. When a fagatron does something bad, they blame their mistake on an injury that they don't have.
"I dropped the pass cause I broke my hand yesterday,"
"Shut up, fagatron, you suck at catching"
by Big dog 69 December 07, 2013
1. The gayest transformer out of all of the Cybertrons
2. The lovechild of a gay man and a robot
1.Optimus Prime: Fagatron! Help us! We're being attacked by the Deceptacons!
Fagatron: (in gay, robotic monotoned voice) Sorry, can't. Just got my nails done. = )

2. (Robot talking to his robofriends) Dude, I totally boobeeped this guy last night, and now I have a fagatron. Should i kill it?
Yea probably
by angry Cybertrons March 31, 2011
A person who is an extravagant faggot. One who is such a big fag that no other words can describe their gayness.
example 1
john: dude did you see that New Moon movie?
bill: yeah Edward Cullen is a fagatron.

example 2
julie: hehehe! did you see cindy's new pants? so hot!
Candace: you fagatron
by SSBBCLFSTS27615394 April 01, 2010
Some Dick/Ass/Jew/Doush on Xbox live or Playstation Network
Nooby267:Hi Guys
RawrQuake:O God not another Squeaker!!
Nooby267:Your gay
RawrQuake:Shut up you Fagatron
by RawrQuake March 23, 2011
Cardio exercise machine commonly known as an elliptical trainer. Derived from the fact that know matter how masculine you may appear you will be reduced to looking anything but when working out on it.
Hey Joe, let's go for a long run. No, I can't I just spent 45 minutes on the fagatron.
by Mo Cox November 30, 2006