Usually a creepy Mexican that wears Hollister Polo's and Puma sneakers. Has spiky gelled hair and Horrifically plucked eyebrows. May also wear over sized belt buckles and make sexual innuendos nobody understands.
"Watch your ass's fagatron is coming!"
by Kodapoda August 11, 2009
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Megatron's less popular gay brother.
Megatron: Hey Fagatron go get me a beer.
Fagatron: Do you want me to come over there and kick your derriere?
Megatron: Wow, your the gayest.
by Adam Duguay March 31, 2008
A play on the transformer Megatrons name. Generally used in a derogatory sense
Your such a Fagatron
by Jimi B March 07, 2005
The un-talked about homosexual brother of Optimus Prime and Megatron; Transforms into a Prius.
Megatron: "Die Optimus!"

Fagatron: "Heeey guys, I'm here!"

Optimus: "Oh god its Fagatron."

Megatron: "I thought we killed him!"
by Mother Xbox August 20, 2010
Someone who display robotic homosexual behaviour.
Did you see that robot on Dr. Who? He was such a fagatron
by Yulan May 19, 2007
A whack ass ride. Vehicle that, if transformed into an Autobot/Decpticon, would resemble a very homosexual piece of machinery.
Ben's motor scooter is a fagatron, it seriously tried to hump my Acura just a couple minutes ago.
by Cardboard_RocknRolla May 06, 2009
Megatron's younger sibling who was born without a megapenis and only the ability to transform into a metal flower. Because of his physical deformities fagatron was kept in the tron family basement for the majority of his childhood by his parents David and Gloria tron. After years of abuse and overshadowing from his older brother he broke out of the tron family's basement and started the "homosexual robotics foundation". After excessive interest from a number of gay roboticists and creepy middle aged men insisting upon 'test driving' the new models; Fagatron decided to rename the association "The foundation for homosexual robotic pride and acceptance". The foundation did well and Fagatron earned a substantial living as the president and was happy for the first time in his life. But fate shortly ripped that glimmer of hope away from him when his brother was murdered whilst trying to take over the world with an army of clones. It was later discovered that Optimus Prime was to blame for Megatron's death but he was never brought to justice. Fagatron became unable to cope with the loss and shortly ended his life by shooting himself with a blaster rifle in the butt.
hey! look! its...its...... FAGATRON!!!!!
by yoshka pundrik March 01, 2011

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