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The act of defecating into a food bag, freezing contents and using frozen faeces as a stimulating sex object for the sphincter and beyond. Also known as poo plugging or hypoturdslammimg. Popular in Turdistan and similar backward eaters.
Not recommended in hot climates and unsuitable to reheat to re eat.
This act can be performed solo, or in group formations. Extra care must be taken when warming occurs as floor spotting may be slippery.
Variations of this act have been known to take place on every incontinent in the world.

Turd world countries are extremely susceptible to acts known as poonani pressing. This act is performed to tighten vaginal cavities on older poober divers.
Example: Tania, have you ever tried a guinesshit popsicle for Faecalproctosphincterstimulation?

I have something new for you to try.I know you love to recycle and this is is how to recycle waste products in a ozone friendly and green/brown way. It reduces your carbon footprint and reduces the risk of anorexia nevosa by butt chugging guiness flavturd posicles. helping you to keep cool at the pool.
"You only get an OOOOOOOH with a fresh frozen poo!"
by Top Of The Plops March 01, 2014
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