a guy thats obsessed with Vegas, spending money on lavish things and gadgets, wants to live in cali, loves Dane Cook, he's hot, tall and so gorgeous, thinks he is the smartest guy in the world and everyone else is senseless.
He's such a Fadi.
by durtydudu August 24, 2008
Fadi is a tall, hairy, fat person who eats anything, and everything that is in his path
by answernoquestion December 28, 2009
Refers to a person who is not funny or annoying to the extent that his name is used as an adjective to describe others like himself.
Also refers to male testicles (the left one in particular) which also gives the impression of annoyance.
You're so Fadi.
Stop being a Fadi.
by DemonicBunny December 23, 2008
Pronounced; fat-ty
A counter-strike player who is very obese, and is extremely bad at CS. He smells like fecies, and has a brain the size of a pigeon.
May also be used to describe an event that is embarrassing and/or terrible.
N: Who is that playing CS over there? Oh, it's Fadi, probably the fattest person I have ever seen in my life.
ADJ: That person is so fadi with an awp, he just wiffed a guy in the back.
V: The guy just fadied. He fell off of the rafters on nuke and died.
by tomhhh July 10, 2008

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