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a way of talking code to people. when you've done something sexual-related with someone else and you're talking about it with another person, add -adgjh to the first letter of the sexual act.

Fadgjh would mean that you fucked someone.
Hadgjh means you gave someone a hand-job.
Badgjh means blow job
Aadgjh anal..
.. so on and so forth

Note: can also be used in code in the following manner:
calling someone a Fadgjh face directly means calling someone a fuck face
{Emily} oh yeah? they hooked up? so what do you think she did?
{Sierra} well i can only assume the hadgjh or badgjh.. most likely the badgjh, the way he's been acting lately.
{mom} i feel like you're hiding behind your bangs.
{me} shut the fadgjh up, fadgjh face!
by zboysgirl January 03, 2007
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