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Similar to a hangover, in that it occurs after a night of drinking, although the symptoms are not a headache, etc. but rather that the individual facebook friends all the people they met the previous evening.
"Oh man, I had a huge faceover this morning, but couldn't add everyone i wanted to as friends because I couldnt remember their last names"
by Naomi Ellen February 09, 2008
The time you waste on facebook after a party, posting a commenting idiot pics.
Oh man, I had a terrible faceover this morning, and I've got more pictures to come.
by Mavvv November 08, 2008
Feeling terrible from the night before from getting in a fight rather than drinking, although you probably were drinking too.
Damn he whupped your ass, you're gonna have a killer faceover tomorrow.
by Dr. McChuckles March 09, 2010
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