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1. The passive-aggressive act of making threatening faces to someone when in public, or while in the company of others, as to not make a scene.

2. To mouth curse words in a threatening manner to someone in public, so others don't hear you.
"I got in a major facefight with boyfriend at the restaurant, and gave him looks like I wanted to punch his face in."

"She called me out in front of our friends, and then we got in a facefight; I mouthed every name in the book to her!"
by JB-money July 07, 2012
When you argue, send threatening remarks, or talk about someone through your facebook page.
These hoes on facebook get on my nerves. They don't know I am not afraid to get into a face fight with them.
by damondolla February 22, 2010
the act of fighting or dissing someone over facebook wall posts/status/photo comments
man why are those two chicks not talking?

cuz they had a huge facefight last night
by 69master69 November 11, 2007

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