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When someone deletes you as a friend on Facebook.
"She facedumped me!"
by The Lyon October 28, 2008
7 1

the act of using Facebook as a platform to terminate an existing romantic (or sexual) relationship with a lover or hopeful person.

This may include:... Read More
1. posting a status message to publicly and openly announce cessation of relationship;
2. the sudden change of relationship status from In A Relationship or Its complicated to Single;
3. deleting wall posts that had any relevance whatsoever while the relationship was ongoing;
4. untagging any picture of the facedumping individual with the opposing party;
5. posting notes (blog style) adressed to offending party telling him/her to eff the hell off; and
6. removing opposing party from contacts list.
Angela: so have you broken it off with him yet?

Brit: he's worthless. ill just facedump him.
by theoneandonlytrippygirl August 02, 2009
4 1
To unfriend or block someone on Facebook
I face-dumped John Doe the other day on Facebook.
by Brodeurguy February 14, 2012
2 0
The action of Facebooking while taking a dump.
Use my phone at your own risk. I used it to Facedump earlier.
by thesen8r April 06, 2012
1 0
when your boyfriend/girlfriend changes their facebook status from "in a relationship" to "single" with out talking to you about it.
Sara just got facedumped by Ryan!
by ibudnwtm January 27, 2010
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Sudden and projectile vomit from anything or anyone
My cat just took a "face dump" of hair and food on the living room floor.
by face dump September 12, 2009
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