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when your on facebook, and a family member or someone older than you who you would not want to see something bad on your profile, so you do some facebook spring cleaning. it is when you clean up your profile and delete or hide all the bad bumper stickers, applications, wall posts,pictures,videos,ect

hense the word facebook spring cleaning
friend request from jim ( your older cousin )

shit i gotta do some facebook spring cleaning so he doesnt see my bad side
by larryf`12 October 22, 2008
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the act of removing "friends" from your Facebook account every spring due to them not being your friend. Every school year leads to a build up of people on your Facebook account that you don't really know nor like, leading to an end year "purge" event known as Facebook spring cleaning.
Wow, I 'unfriended' almost 200 people during that Facebook spring cleaning.
by FBook Guru January 30, 2012

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