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One who is generally new to facebook or acts noobish on Facebook. This person usually joins numerous random groups and pages, totaling way over 500, frequently coping other facebookers, asks for help in terms of how to use their facebook and many other ways
Facebook Noob: I have a question about my facebook


Facebook Noob: How do I check the groups I'm in?

John: Go to the info tab

Facebook Noob: Thanks

John: HOLY SHIT, Your in 1300 groups? Wow your such a Facebook noob.
by AZN2374 November 30, 2009
one who has no experience with facebook and/or still doesn't know how to use the special new features/apps. Noob status does not go away with time, but with experience and honing of knowledge. Remedy; friend a facebook whore (if you can)
Person 1: How do you tag someone in my status?!?
Person 2:IDK where's the help button?
Person 1:Is there even a help button?
Person 2: We are such facebook noobs.
by aim me September 26, 2009
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