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Facebook murder is to delete someone from your facebook friends list.
Facebook: Delete this person from your friends list? Person: muhahaha yesss facebook murder haha
by Marthaw138 June 22, 2009
1) Maliciously posting harmful, humiliating, or incriminating content on a person's Facebook or other social networking site profile, or on any page of Facebook or another social networking site, in an attempt to make that person commit suicide. Often done as a group activity.
2) (Figurative) Any type of cyberbullying.
I looked at the profile of this kid who committed suicide; it was Facebook murder!
by ak-boing November 13, 2010
1) To commit Facebook murder.
2) (Figurative) To cyberbully.
I'll Facebookmurder you for this! You're going to cry when you see your profile
by ak-boing November 13, 2010