1.When you have a lot of stuff to do however you want to check your facebook quickly, often times in anticipation of an important message

2. an excuse to get away from annoying people on facebook chat without seeming too douchy
ex. 1
I know i need to study for the biology exam but im expecting a facebook message from my crush.... i think ill make a facebook quickie

ex. 2

person a. hey man (blah blah blah) and so what do think?

person b. gee man i would LOVE to talk but i got to go, sorry this was just supposed to be a facebook quickie,
by every1rocks555 October 03, 2010
Top Definition
In the absence of good porn, logging on to facebook and masturbating to pictures of your more attractive "friends". Has proven to be more popular than porn for those lacking morals.

Facebook Quickies occur when careless people post provocative pictures.
"Dave is appearing offline because he doesn't want you to interrupt his Facebook Quickie"

"Sarah must want guys jackin' it to her image because she is wearing a bikini in almost all her pictures"
by noraadivad November 12, 2009
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