Facebook Official is when you've changed your facebook relationship status to show who you're dating. You're not officially official until everyone on facebook can see it.
Oh man, I knew Jenn was dating Andrew, but they're facebook official now, so it must be serious.
by SoulKeepz August 18, 2010
The official declaration that a relationship is legit marked by posting "in a relationship" on facebook.

The exceptance that a relationship is real based on their facebook relationship status.
Tim gave Lucy flowers for her birthday, are they dating? No, i checked this morning and it wasnt Facebook Official.
by Jordi2011 December 14, 2009
Used in reference to a romantic relationship, meaning that two parties are not really dating until their Facebook relationship statuses have changed.
"Are Emily and Mick really dating?"
"Yeah, it's Facebook-official and everything."
by Keith Erik February 04, 2009
A term used to describe a serious or legit event that is verified on facebook. A person can be sure that something is definite by logging on and seeing evidence of it on facebook.
Vicky: "are caroline and jack dating now?"

George: " yup! Jack just asked her out after a week of being "together"."

Vicky: "Is it Facebook-official?"

George: "yup"

Vicky:" wow. i didn't know things were that serious between them."
by vintagelovers July 13, 2011
When something is posted on facebook making it and official fact.
Don: Micky is goin' out with Taylor now.
Mitch: Yeah I know she updated her status. It's Facebook Official now.

Don: True that.
by GirlinGreen November 17, 2009
Of or pertaining to facebook. If something is absolutely certain or believed to be true, it is indeed facebook official.
Hey, did Aaron and Michelle break up???


Your positive?

It's facebook official!!!
by Grace Coleman February 11, 2008
the defriending of a friend is not official until you have deleted said other on facebook.
Mike: so are they not friends anymore?
Sam: Nope, its Facebook official, she deleted him.
by unfriendable October 30, 2010
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