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Facebook Official is when you've changed your facebook relationship status to show who you're dating. You're not officially official until everyone on facebook can see it.
Oh man, I knew Jenn was dating Andrew, but they're facebook official now, so it must be serious.
by SoulKeepz August 18, 2010
The official declaration that a relationship is legit marked by posting "in a relationship" on facebook.

The exceptance that a relationship is real based on their facebook relationship status.
Tim gave Lucy flowers for her birthday, are they dating? No, i checked this morning and it wasnt Facebook Official.
by Jordi2011 December 14, 2009
Used in reference to a romantic relationship, meaning that two parties are not really dating until their Facebook relationship statuses have changed.
"Are Emily and Mick really dating?"
"Yeah, it's Facebook-official and everything."
by Keith Erik February 04, 2009
A term used to describe a serious or legit event that is verified on facebook. A person can be sure that something is definite by logging on and seeing evidence of it on facebook.
Vicky: "are caroline and jack dating now?"

George: " yup! Jack just asked her out after a week of being "together"."

Vicky: "Is it Facebook-official?"

George: "yup"

Vicky:" wow. i didn't know things were that serious between them."
by vintagelovers July 13, 2011
When something is posted on facebook making it and official fact.
Don: Micky is goin' out with Taylor now.
Mitch: Yeah I know she updated her status. It's Facebook Official now.

Don: True that.
by GirlinGreen November 17, 2009
the defriending of a friend is not official until you have deleted said other on facebook.
Mike: so are they not friends anymore?
Sam: Nope, its Facebook official, she deleted him.
by unfriendable October 30, 2010
when you know someone is actually in a relationship, usually after that person lets the other one spit in their mouth.
that girl spit in your mouth bruh?

yes, i only let her cause we're facebook official
by henrystclair July 26, 2010