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A person, probably a woman, who puts way too much information on her facebook page.
I now know EVERYTHING about that facebook bitch.
by well1320 January 13, 2010
A Female or Male;prepherably a female. A person you meet on facebook, chat and inbox for a long period of time and then finally meet up, you hook up with "facebook bitch" just once. After the hook up you block her/him and ignore them afterwords.
Jim: so how was your night?
Bill: I had a fantastic night with a Facebook Bitch :)

Bill: yes, blocked that broad right after I got it in!
by Clairicettttt September 18, 2011
A dude who spends 24x7 with facebook detached to outside world.
Girl 1: This guys is a facebook bitch.
Girl 2: You mean bitching with facebook? :P
by Monster-Y July 06, 2011
A person you know who declines to add you on facebook for no apparent reason.

You decline to add somebody on facebook based on no apparent reason.
John didn't add me on facebook, that facebook bitch
by kealanPCB July 11, 2010
A person that is desperate enough, to go out with someone they met though facebook, without seeing them in person.
You little Facebook Bitch, look at her, Shes 47 with love handels.
by J!M! July 10, 2008
Someone who writes malicious and bitchy statuses on Facebook which are so obviously directed at someone that they might aswell of just tagged them in it.
Billy: "did you see janes status last night?!"
Chaz: "yeah that was blantently about me, she's a Facebookbitch!!!"
by Dilemma#112 March 12, 2016
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