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The derogatory term used to describe one's addiction to Facebook. It may also be called 'face sitting' for short.
I could not stop Facebook sitting yesterday, I didn't get anything done.
by lythande February 12, 2010
(V.) The act of a female receiving oral sex and proceeding to check her Facebook due to lack of anything better to do.

(N.) A duration of time where you are exclusively checking Facebook and nothing else
1. Jenny: So how was James last night, I saw you two disappear after a few drinks
Samantha: It wasn't bad until he tried to go down on me, went through a Facebook sitting then I had to take control.
Jenny: Damn that sucks, no tongue rhythm for him I guess.

2. Mike: Hey Scott, check out these girls...
Scott: Hold up man, Samantha posted something on Facebook, got a nice Facebook sitting session going on here.
Mike: Hey man, you may not want to check that...Just saying.
by TjBj January 08, 2016
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