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An annoying and vaguely negative comment posted as a Facebook status update whose purpose is to let everyone know that the poster is upset about something, and to gather attention. It is the online adult equivalent of a child pouting. The post does not specify what the user is upset about. It is an attention-seeking move. If someone is silly enough to ask what the problem is, the original poster will not answer directly.
Facebook User 1: "I just don't know why I even bother..."
Facebook User 2: "What's the matter, Facebook User 1?"
Facebook User 1: ":-("
Facebook User 2: "Facebook User 1, what's the matter, pumpkin?"
Facebook User 1: "People are just like always the same"
Facebook User 3: "It's just a Facebook pout"
by huecodoc2 November 05, 2013

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