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A person who spends too much time on social networking sites. (Note that although the word contains facebook, it really extends to any networking site (MySpace, Twitter, MSN, etc.)); Someone who must continuously check and re-check their accounts to see if a change has occured, or if a friend updates anything; this will get to a point where they schedule their day around their networking site; if they reach this final stage, kill them swiftly and with no hesitation. If we do not respond to this growing appocalypse, we will be overrun by Facebook Zombies. Nothing will stop them. They know no fear.
Kimo: Doo doo doo, hey Phiz, come check this ou-
Phiz: Can't, can't, can't! Hmm... 2:30! I gotta check my wall! I posted a humourous status half an hour ago! What if someone commented on it?
Kimo: Jesus, Phiz. You... you're a Facebook Zombie now... sorry, mate...
by Kimo & PhizzyKola May 01, 2010
Any person, who updates or checks their Facebook or Twitter status so frequently and habitually, that they may even continue to do so even after becoming a member of the undead.
Essentially a compulsive social networking addict.
They may also be a spammer or Troll, though that is not necessarily a prerequisite.

It is common practice to identify potential Facebook Zombies by posting the word "BRAINS" on their timeline.
Signs you may be a Facebook Zombie include.
You stay "Logged in" 24 hours a day.
You have ever posted pictures of your lunch.
You have ever posted your own medical photos.
You regularly send updates while on the toilet.
You can't remember the names of all your Facebook friends
You've never actually met half your Facebook friends.
2 or more friends have posted "BRAINS" on your timeline (see above)
You've tried to find a way to take your smartphone or computer into the pool.
You've borrowed a friend's phone to make updates after attempting the above.

You are DEFINITELY a Facebook Zombie if you have updated your status DURING any of these events:
Wedding, Funeral, Childbirth, "Lovemaking", or surgery.
by Web Wordsmith January 26, 2014
Facebook users who make themselves much more immune to being unfriended or blocked because they deactivate their account when they're not using it. This makes them invisible to the entire Facebook world so long as they stay deactivated.
"I don't want her creeping on my Facebook page anymore, but I can't unfriend or block her because she's a Facebook zombie."
by Facebook Zombie October 30, 2013

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