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An obnoxious prick who posts every shitty detail of their shitty lives on facebook in the hope that one of their virtual "friends" actually gives a shit ... because none of their real "friends" would ever give a shit ....
"So and So has just arrived in America - it's so sick"

Who gives a fuck, that tit is just being a Facebook Showoff, I'm bored of this bollocks - un-friend !!
by daldab January 23, 2012
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An extreme obnoxious attention starved person on facebook that posts every picture of any gift that they receive from anyone,but tries to make it "seem" they are showing appreciation for the gift when they are really just showing everyone and really saying " LOOK WHAT I GOT" In hopes of people clicking "like" and asking questions about the gift.
Get off the computer ASSHOLE! I'm trying to post a pic of this 5 cent button Joe bought me!!

No!! , this is the 6th time already today you have posted a picture, your such a facebook showoff!!!!
by butteryobiscuit May 08, 2011
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when a person (girls most of the time) take pics of something completely useless that they are holding and happen to focus more on their hands than the object itself only to show off their just done nails
"omg, stacy is sucha facebook showoff, she always happens to have new nails everytime she takes pics of completely pointless objects."
by supersoaker609 August 23, 2011
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