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The ultimate definition of a college relationship - when on one's facebook profile it says "In A Relationship" and your significant other's name.
"are adam and courtney dating?" "i don't know, they're not facebook official yet."
by ilovebronsonscornrows December 11, 2005
how you know shit's real.
1: hey man, are you going out with sally yet?
2: yeah, dude, it's facebook official now.
by kscar May 01, 2008
A relationship that is determined official because it is posted under the relationship status on Facebook.
--"Do you know if they are seriously going out?"
--"Yeah! It's facebook official."
by Kath H March 31, 2008
As almost all teens are addicted to facebook these days, a relationship is only legit if it is facebook official: when you update your status on facebook to "in a relationship"; its a huge-o slap in the face when you're supposedly dating someone but they don't make it known via facebook
Girl to her boyfriend: "we aren't facebook official! Do you wanna break up or something? Are you ashamed of me?!" Boyfriend: "god jenny you're so hormonal!" (for further usage, visit your local high school)
by ars1106 May 01, 2008
When an event has happened and it only really counts if it has been put on Facebook for everyone to see.
So I heard that Jess has a boyfriend now, I'm not sure though because it hasn't been made Facebook Official yet.
by CassiJ September 30, 2007
This term is used when a relationship is official, and you know so becuase the couple changes their status from either "single" or "it's complicated" to "in a relationship" on Facebook.
Guy 1: "Dude, I met this fly girl last night and we had a really good time, so I looked her up on Facebook..."
Guy 2: "And...."
Guy 1: "She's Facebook official with some douche bag."
Guy 2: "Ouch bro.
by Cfrau15 March 10, 2009
An fact that is proven true simply because it is on Facebook.
"Dude, Sarah is going out with Greg, it is Facebook Official"
by NafAgok July 11, 2008
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