Something that is as real as a porno
Guy 1: How the hell is Dylan married to Nicole? They're 16 and I've never seen them together.

Guy 2: Its a Facebook Marriage, of course its fake!
by Danny Blaine June 18, 2011
Top Definition
Facebook Marriage to where two people (normally both of the same sex) decide to set their "Relationship Status" as married. Normally used as a joke
Jack is married to Sam

Jack: I've got a Facebook Marriage to Sam

Sam: But I'm happily divorced....
by Chris V2 June 20, 2009
When two best friends marry each other on facebook because they're tired of seeing their relationship status as, "single."
Julie changed her relationship status from "single" to "married"
Hey, who you married to?
My best friend, because we're forever alone. That's the point of facebook marriage.
by xxpikapikaxx June 25, 2011
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