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When someone on Facebook makes a status that nobody gives a fuck about and they think they are being a hero instead of actually helping, pissing off everyone who reads the status. These people are known to be big drama queens who just want attention.
Person 1: Look at beckys status again
Person 2: Who does she think she is, a Facebook Hero?

example of a status:

See that girl you made fun of, her mom just died. See that boy whos ugly, he's depressed. See that boy you beat up, he is poor and his parents are getting divorced. Repost this if you care <3
by Lolbuttz February 28, 2012
Someone who purposely posts statuses that they know will get liked constantly. This person will always get 30 likes plus on anything they say, because of how famous they are on Facebook. Along with posting statuses to purposely get liked, this person will always complain on their posts, post song lyrics, and play "Truth Is".
Wow, that kid got 99 likes from bitching about another person, what a Facebook hero.

That kid purposely posts statues to get liked, what a Facebook Hero.

Bob said, "Hi" as his status and got 47 likes, what a Facebook Hero.
by 666hailsatan February 09, 2012
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