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Writing increasingly sexy messages back and forth using facebook, or a similar social networking site, as a medium.
The facebook foreplay was hot, but in person it just wasn't there.
by cammie B April 13, 2009
1.The act where two or more people attempt engage in Facebook activities on one computer in attempt to bring some excitement back into a relationship and /or raise desire of partners for human contact or conversation. Any attempt to use a personal computer,phone other device to entertain share teach or explain anything via Facebook expecting positive results. Always results in one or more people getting Facebook played as forplay is to getting laid
Fighting now more popular than fucking for college students according to recent Facebook poll! Kids these days are thinking flirting online will lead to to getting laid in the real world but its just Facebook foreplay for these facebook fucks. A Craislist pay date beats a Facebook foreplay fight!
by Thepoorkidscrewingdaughter dad January 08, 2014
Anthony Weiner
Anthony Weiner engaged in Facebook Foreplay by sending sexual messages to numerous consenting adult women throughout the United States. As of June 16, 2011, all but one of Weiner's known sext partners were over the age of 18. His actions and subsequent cover-up ultimately led him to resign his seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.
by GOP rules June 17, 2011

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