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A Facebook friend who seems to have Aspergers when it comes to social interaction on Facebook. You can leave a comment on a status or their timeline and you'll get no response. It's common Facebook etiquette to acknowledge those who communicate with you on Facebook with a response or a "like". Facebook Aspies refuse to do either of these things. Instead they ignore you due to a lack of skills to interact, but in reality these Aspies are more than likely just inconsiderate pricks and you should un-friend them immediately.
You - "Hey, Otto, that's a great picture."
Otto- "crickets"
Otto is a Facebook Aspie.

You - "Hey, Otto, that's a great looking family you got there. Congratulations.
Otto - "crickets"
Again, Otto being a Facebook Aspie.
by Bilbo Baxter July 13, 2013
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