v. the act of facebook chatting with someone in a sexually explicit manner, or in the hopes of arranging a sexual encounter with them
Joe: Jane said she will delete her facebook account if you don't stop facesexting her.

Jim: Do you blame me?

Joe: No, but you should still stop being such a misogynist.

Jim: Ok, sorry.
by heyvince January 10, 2010
Top Definition
Cyber-sex via Facebook chat
Justine wasted most of her day at work FaceSexting with an ex, rather than QA any bills.
by TrueOkapi February 05, 2013
Talking to someone on facebook while across the room from each other. Then looking up at the person to see if they got the message and laughing. Dirty messages are to ensue.
Merebear and Ryanbaby were so facesexting across the room, did you see their faces?
by Anabella21 January 19, 2010
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