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The collective consciousness residing in the domain of Facebook and other social network venues that threaten to assimilate your individuality.
Beware the FaceBorg! It will assimilate you. Resistance is futile.
#facebook #facebooking #social networking #friends #friending #star trek #the collective
by HammerTime2 May 07, 2009
The coming Facebookization of the nation, where every man, woman and chile is merged into one social networking soup of humanity.

Good for:
1. Zuckerberg's total world domination

Bad for:
1. Privacy (on and off, ya never know, chk your settings)
Scenario 1:

Tech analyst: Google, Microsoft and Twitter are all running scared in the shadow of the rising Faceborg.
#facebook #world_domination #fb #social network #borg
by lisat2 April 21, 2010
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