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Someone who acts like a space-cadet while on Facebook. This may include posting unintelligible comments (ie. in binary code or foreign languages), changing one's Status several times an hour, and uploading images of vintage cereal-boxes.
Becci needs to get a life, because she's turning into a total Face-cadet!
by The Real Miz Larreau May 31, 2009
a face cadet consists of a face and a cadet which equals out to a facecadet. also able to pliot various land, air, and sea vehicles while fingering multiple orifices. it is very difficult to become a facecadet unless you have had extensive face-cadetery training throughout early childhood. a facecadet may also occur in ones life if said cadet is a face and looks like a potential cadet. be wary of facecadetery, for it is highly contagious, especially to members of the asian race.
your face is a cadet. you are a facecadet. why have you downloaded windows90face to my computer you facecadet master.
by bobwe hadababy itsaboy July 18, 2006
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