anyone on facebook who tries to verbally fight you. Facebook+asshole
dude that guy keeps calling me gay on facebook

What a facehole
by beda September 08, 2008
Top Definition
Alternate word for mouth
Shut your god damned face hole!
by H0T Karl October 16, 2009
Used to describe a mouth or pie hole
"Oh yes the food is ready to be crammed down my face hole"

"Insert the food unit into the face hole"

"Ah yes cramming it down my face hole" - Joe W.
by Jeff Johnson July 20, 2005
Meaning the mouth
oh, that guy just got punched in the facehole
by moo62 September 10, 2010
Facehole- the person who on Facebook must leave a sarcastic comment on any and every status they come across.
Bob- dude, that comment on your ex's status was epic

Tom- yeah, I'm being a real facehole today.
by WillyWilTheManOfSteel October 26, 2010
An insuting term that sounds very harsh, but is in fact not. can be yelled out during class across the room at someone without gaining detention.
Brendan! you're such a face hole!
by nutshak February 24, 2009
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