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What facebook should be called.
Joe: hy y u no go facebook
Smart person: lolfacecrap
Joe: EWWW not my friend anymore
by 5 rtyhrthrthrthrthrthrthrthrth October 10, 2012
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another term lazy punkish scene kids use for their make up. originated randomly one day from the mouth of a girl who did not want to sound too girly. Most people may find it rather disgusting, but it's all in the attitude.
i gotta go wash my face crap off now. ttyl.
by AshBlash333 August 04, 2010
1. (n.) What my cat left waiting for me to step in as I entered into my dark bedroom; solid to semi-solid regurgitation.

2. (n.) The verbal projections of an assface or assmouth.

3. (v.) The process of regurgitating said crap (-ed, -ing).
"Ugh! What the..."

*flip lightswitch*

"Dammit Liger, couldn't you find a better place to face crap!"
by a guy with face crap on foot September 10, 2009

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