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The act of two people making out to the point it seems plausible that their faces could have made babies together.
They must have made 15 face babies at formal.

Did you see them making face babies in the living room? Nicely done.
by TSSM December 03, 2011
Making a baby with a girl by ejaculating on the girls face.
Hutch: "I just made a baby two nights ago..."
Hollywood: "On her face"
Hutch: "We made a face baby..... You ever cum on a girls face Nanners?"
SeaNanners: "No (Laugh) I haven't"
Hutch: "I Have"
by Bhindo June 15, 2011
When you cum on someone's face.
I love to make facebabies all over his or her face.
by Kaejer July 25, 2011
When someone makes you laugh so hard or makes you so excited, the only thing left to do is make babies with their face.
Lindsay-"my boyfriend is SO funny! I just want to make A Face Baby with him!!"

Robbert-"So my girlfriend said she wants to make Face Babies. But the problem is, I have a really hairy chin. I'm afraid they'll turn out like trolls!"

See: Facegasm
by Lintu Marie July 24, 2008
face babies: Pronounciation ('fAs - 'bA-bEs)

n. a protrusion of the face usually resulting from PMS or oily skin. Can be dime sized to quarter sized. Also known as pimples.
Example: Make sure he doesn't have any face babies before you give him your number!
by Keigh-Tee March 26, 2007

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