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1. Fabulously Gay
This word is used to to tell someone their gay and Fabulous!

2. Something thats pink, but you would never wanna wear.
1. Hey that Aidan is really Fabulay!
That pencil is to Fabulay
by Fabulay May 19, 2014
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FAB-U-LAY - a mix of faaaabulous (darling) and O-lay-o-lay-o-lay-o-lay.. used when something is just so darn fabulous it makes you wanna mexican wave with anyone and everyone in a mad raging party atmospheric splendor. Darling. Works best in your own head.
In your head : Ohh that top looks just fabulay for tonight! Im so excited for godsake im going to grab a drink already!
by Lolapop November 10, 2005
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