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Adjective. Cross between Fabulous, Fuck, and Fantastic. Can be used to describe something as amazing, extraordinary, unbelievable, incredible, so-so, horrible etc. (all depends on the context). It is a word that can be used in both a positive and a negative way, or used to describe something that is in-between.
Used in a positive way: My night was fabufuckingtastic. ( A way to describe a night with fantastic sex.)

That's just fabufuckingtastic ( a way to describe something good and bad at the same time....for example if I had a good day (and it was great outside), but I was stuck inside writing a term paper...I would say that just fabufuckingtastic. If I were to be wearing something that looked fuckalicious, as well as feeling fantastic, while my hair and shoes were fabulous, I would probably say I look fabufuckingtastic. Etc. This word is sweet and can be used in sooo many ways.
by gracieadelaide June 21, 2010
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