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An extremly competitive evil person who takes pleasure in watching people fail and suffer.
(Me) *trip and sprain my ankle*

(Jimmy) Haha you loser!

(Me) God Jimmy don't be a Fabris!
by Cloud Razor T-Shirt September 30, 2011
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When one vomits then passes out after consuming too much liquor in a short period of time. Usually occurs whilst lying in shrubs or a gutter in the early hours of the morning.
Oh dude check out that fool at Maccy D's, his Fabris
by dani3ls0n May 06, 2006
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To be obsessed with the ability to bark like a wolf and possess the ability to squish a child's head between their fingers. You would get cravings to prey upon random children if you had a similar disease called fabrititous. People that feel this way long term often take up teaching as sexual predators and play softball to gain muscle mass.
"She felt so emotionally Fabris that she had her daughter taken away. It was horrible."
by adewquels123 August 05, 2008
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This name used in Italy to describe a guy who prefer a pizza instead of a pussy

This guy can drop a bunga bunga for a match of milan

He owned by chaos and bush his dream is to suck baloteli and berlusconi
We had a nice bunga bunga but this fabri was at tv watching milan and eating spaghetti
by Belugavodka March 22, 2013
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A furry monster that's originally the size of your fist but can morph into greater sizes up to that of a car. Nobody is sure of it's gender. It is rather aggressive and has been sighted recently roaming the outskirts of Paraguay hunting homeless dogs. It is rumored to be related to "el chupicabra" but it is known to repeatedly hump the students and teachers in nearby school facilities after excruciating math lessons.
"Dude, I will be traumatized for life. I think I just ran into Fabris in the hallway and it looked at me. It scared the shit out of me!"
by avictimoftragity August 05, 2008
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