sexy. good in bed. everything you look for in a guy.
holy shit, i banged him last night. he's such a fabian.
by hoochie. January 26, 2011
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A very loveable, sexy, male. He can be the love of your life or just a great kick-it buddy. Do not anger a Fabian or you will become his worst enemy.

Watch out, that fabian looks angry
by MadameButterfly March 29, 2009
Noun: the act of post-poning all your homework until the very last week.
Oh shit, I really did a fabian this time!
by Hannes December 04, 2007
A Fabian is an awkward, anti-social person that tends to keep to himself. But once you get to know Fabian he is a great guy. He's the type of person that is cool just to chill with. If he's your friend he will go out of his way to help you out. He is a very charming and will use his whit to talk to the opposite sex and to get free things out of people. He is also a very intelligent person, he is good with electrical things and can master any task you put in front of him. Although Fabian is a great intelligent person he tends to be very cheap and a very bad speller. If you have a Fabian in your group you should consider yourself lucky because they are hard to come by.
Dang Fabian is so cheap he always gets water to drink.
by Awesome2530 March 21, 2012
A male species. Who varies from being pretty cool, or very cool. Extremely good looking, can use this charm to attract the opposite sex. More often then not is slightly strawberry blonde. Hangs out with extremely cool people. Normally bad at connect four and tennis, but these can vary. The best guy you will ever meet.
Oh shit I wish I was ginger like Fabian. I wish I was as cool as Fabian. Oh i've just lost and done a Fabian. What a lovely guy, he must be a Fabian.
by efaira July 25, 2011
An Ownerer of noobs
Can also train them and win noob points
Uber pro ownerer with hardcore micro
That Fabian is good at training noobs!
by noob02 September 28, 2006
A guy, usually mexican, that likes questionble girls that ends up breaking up and being back together more than 3-4 times in a row.
Wow is that girl dating Fabian again?! They need Chessus in their lives and counseling.
by AgustinMeLaPella May 09, 2014

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