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The fab four is the rock and roll band of the early sixties-early seventies. Also known as the Beatles. Widely known for such songs as I Wanna Hold Your Hand and Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds. They are the original any fab numeral.
I saw the fab four in chicago during their tour of '65. I love Paul!
by KP February 01, 2005
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the fucking weak ass lakers aka kobe the rapist, shaq , malone and payton
the fab 4 are mad gay!
by Dynasty April 25, 2004
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The most fcking awsome girls youl ever meet!
Thea, Marlie, Devon, Nicole

Continuously getting Cblocked from ever growing up, and always taking crazy chances.
"Hey, did you know that the Fab Four got busted again?"
"Eh, whats new?"
by LEgitametlyFFduuudddeeeee. January 31, 2010
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Four of the hottest and wildest girls ever... Emily, Cody, Lauren, & Karina. No one else can Party like they do or come close to being as crazy as they get!
There is no such thing as a Party if the FAB FOUR isnt there!
by THE FAB FOUR June 11, 2005
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the kewliest kids you'll ever meet..includes fluffy, hoodwig, norman and dotty..they r all gorjuz and fabulus and like to basically they are all fat..i joke i joke lol i love u all from dotty xoxoxox
wow the fab four are soo kool i wanna be just like them blah blah blah
by d.o.t.t.y August 31, 2008
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