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The act of sexual intercourse but not love-making.

Synonyms: Fuck, Bang, Pipe, Stuff
So did you and Marisa Fa-Ting?

Yes I Fa-Tinged her.
by King Dick Newport June 03, 2009
The conscious or unconscious act of repeated one on one (fates) times with a friend of the opposite sex that can't be defined as a date for both parties involved but probably is for one.

- derivitive of "fake date"
"Phil and Bonita are having lunch in the quad together again?"

"Yea, they're obviously fating"
by Philip E. February 16, 2008
Sitting around and eat large amount of bacon.
A lot of Wisconsin woman enjoy fating with their friends.
by Spoonie-Love October 15, 2010
A friendship in the hopes of a possible relationship. Or the fate of a possible sexual or romantic play mate.
I think he's definitely fating material.
by Daphney April 06, 2009
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