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Short for 'fuck you whore'.

This catchy phrase derives from the movie '500 Days of Summer'. The main character is a greeting card writer, and while going through a whirlwind of emotions with the girl of his dreams, he publishes a card:

"Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Fuck you whore."
Person 1: "Hey... sorry about making out with your boyfriend last night."
Person 2: "You what?! FYW!"
by ERhhm February 13, 2011
Short for: Fuck You Weather

An exclamation commonly used after completing an act that current weather conditions would normally prohibit.

Origin: Derived from Channing Tatum's character's line in 21 Jump Street when he's high and yells "Fuck you science!"
I just climbed Mt. Washington in the middle of a blizzard! #FYW
by MsGetsShitDone May 09, 2012

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