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n. - Acronym, "Fuck You Tom". Used as a standard reply to any of Tom_E's comments on DesignersTalk
"Hey, look at my cool photos of Cuba."

by subster August 18, 2009
Short form for Fuck You Too.
What did you just say to me? Well FYT.
by Daniel Crabtree March 22, 2005
n. - Acronym, "Fuck You Then".
well fuck you then (fyt). waste of time.
by Z0666 May 30, 2015
Fuck You Thought
I did not have sex with him fyt
by MirageCiano November 06, 2015
An abbreviation meaning "for your time". Used mostly on forums and livejournal communities.
"FYT: a picture of a shirtless Zachary Quinto."
by airekuh October 26, 2009
Can possibly mean "Fixed Your Typo" if said when quoting someone else.
P1: i just played oblivion threw and i have some questions
P2: "i just played oblivion THROUGH and i have some questions"... FYT.
by slb1900 March 14, 2009
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