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Boston University's First-Year Student Outreach Project. It's the bomb diggity and trumps any other community service initiative around. Started in 1989, FYSOP had 60 students building houses. Twenty years later, FYSOP 2009 has more than 850 cool volunteers, over 175 groovy staff members, 18 hot coordinators and 1 funky program manager. The incoming students volunteer in one of nine different issue areas: children, disabilities, elders, environment, gender focus, hiv/aids, homelessness & housing, and hunger! If you were one of the cool BU kids who volunteered, you obvi ricky-ticky-tavied and moosa-moosa-moosa'd. If you were of the in-crowd, you def t-shirted the end of the week away and utilized the plaza late at night for never have i ever. If you were of the seriously elite, then you spent your summer playing FYCO//WOCO//GUYCO in the csc, making fools of yourselves during thursday night barbecues and dance parties. If you had the energy to be PM...bless you.

If you are none of the above...I apologize for your misfortune. ILOVEYOUFYSOP!
FYSTAFF: Hey Fysoper!
FYSOPer: Hey what?!
FYSTAFF: Hey Fysoper!
FYSOPer: Hey what?!
FYSTAFF: I see you walkin' down the street, and girl they say you got no beat--
FYSOPer: Well honey child, you must be blind cause you ain't seen my stomp n' grind.

by fyco-woco-guyco August 05, 2009
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