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Fuck yeah life's great.
Barbie: " Hey Ken, how's life? "
Ken: " FYLG! "

Pauly D: " I just smushed ... FYLG "

John: " I just found $5, FYLG! "

Also see: FYLNG
by Breathe. February 28, 2011
Fuck Yea Lets Go!

Motto towards everything in life. Just bein' awesome and doin' what you fucking love to do. Can be used in any situation that one wants. No limits. Fuck Yea Lets Go! #FYLG
Bro 1 - "Bro do you want to go light off some fireworks?"

Bro 2 - "Fuck Yea Lets Go!" #FYLG
by The_Bullet March 26, 2016

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