Acronym for "Fuck Yeah its Friday"

Opposite TGIF:

Heard of TGIF right? "Thank God its Friday". In the eyes and mind of the none believers, God has not a thing to do with the man made construct of Friday. For example, everyday could be Happyday, Wootimstillaliveday or just Today. FYIF is an alternative to replace TGIF. Its a bit more badass and is God sanitary (just like Friday).
"FYIF everyone!!!"

"Good news everyone, FYIF!"

"Mmmm beer... FYIF!"

"It's been a long week, FYIF!"
by Steventon March 05, 2010
Top Definition
Fuck Yea, It's Friday! TGIF is old and out of date, introducing the new and IMPROVED TGIF. Fuck Yea, It's Friday!
Person 1: Man I can't wait to go to the club tonight
Person 2: Oh, damn. You're right. FYIF!
Person 1: Hellz yea man!
by asdhdfd January 17, 2008
tommy: ur such a bitch

me: haha wateverr fyif;
by thebest011 November 26, 2009
"For Your Information Fucker/s"
You never cancelled my book order FYIF
by Shaniqua Durden May 18, 2005
F#ck you it's funny
FYIF anyway!
Don't care what u say FYIF.
by Funny face girl July 15, 2016
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