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Fucking With You 1. A person making jokes at you. 2. Someone interfering with you or someone you knows life. 3. Someone that's just lying to you or trying to do something bad to you.
You look like Cameron Diaz, you just need a facelift and nose job. Just FWY ( Fucking with you ).
by Baby Vamp (Pomona STC). January 29, 2011
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Abbreviation for Fuck, or Fucking, With You

See Also: FWU (variation on FWY)
No, I was joking; I was just FWY! (fucking with you)
by August 26, 2008
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something said by coach jackson that makes everyone laugh really hard. it is actually his way of saying the common question word "why", but his southern accent makes it sound nore like "fwy"
1. "n-n-now f-f-fwy would you ask another question about cowl and oiwl, Mishter Du-vall?"

2. "mishter Poowl, maybe you would like to write a ten-page paper on "fwy"!"

3. "now mishter shilumbach, fwy are the gee-kos and chumeelions playing the gee-tar over yonder on mount krakatoo?"
by <blank> March 27, 2005
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