Top Definition
Abbreviation for: Fucking With U (you)
Variation of FWY
Dude, he parked in your spot. I think he's FWU. (fucking with you)
by slowpoke330 August 26, 2008
Fwu - Fuck Wit Us. Meaning hit us up or mess with us it could also be used as "what you gon do about it"

Bob : Fwu !
Joe : No I rather not.
Sally : Fwu !
*other guys* Hey beautiful
The crew saw a guy from out of town the crew yelled Fwu ! And the guy got scared and ran away
by ruthlesswat October 13, 2014
fuck(ing) with u
tbh // i don't really fwu like that but you cute and seem chill
by leslie. ✨ May 16, 2016
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