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Fuck Swag.

It's a movement.
I hate swag, so I'm fwaggin'.

I'm fwaggin bitch, I'm icey!!

by stankyfinger June 29, 2011
Formal Swag
Wow, look at his fwag!

I've never seen so much fwag!
by Draammaa March 16, 2014
Friend Who is A Girl

Used when referring to a third party with an as of yet unspecified or ambiguous gender when such a distinction is critical to the context of the conversation.
Guy A: So my friend Alex wanted me to come in the store to buy tampons but I was like no way!

Guy B: Hold on are we talking guy Alex or girl Alex?

Guy A: Sorry, my girl friend Alex wanted me to ...

Guy B: Wait wait since when aren't you single.

Guy A: Christ, I mean my FWAG Alex wanted to ...
by werefailure November 27, 2010
Friend Who's A Girl - used in texting and blogs when speaking of a member of the opposite sex (opposite of male in this case) who is a friend but not a girlfriend (GF). ("FWAB" is not used by females; "guy friend" is used instead.)
Had dinner with one of my FWAGs last night. She made a pretty good wingman, I must say!
by CiccioB March 01, 2008
Fwag, The act of being gay when its okay.
Derek: Hey Jason, can Keith stay the night too?
Jason: isn't he gay?
Derek: Yeah but hes a Fwag...
Jason: i'm calling him right now
by D-Swag August 26, 2011
A word used when one cannot remember the word that they actually want to use
"It'sa... it'sa... it' it'sa fwag, that's what it is..."
by Ryan Stiles May 05, 2006
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